How To Spot A Book Lover


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اینو یه جا دیدم و حیفم اومد برای شما دوستای خوبم که احتمالا مثل خودم کرم کتابید نذارم. :71:

البته به مناسبت روز جهانی عاشقان کتاب بوده اما برای ما ما عاشقای کتاب هر روز ، روی کتابه. (در واقع هر روز ، روز عشقه. )

How To Spot A Book Lover

Book Lovers are dangerous people. Avid readers are like rabid creatures—we can't see straight (usually because we have a book in front of our faces), we can't walk straight (same reason), and we often drool or foam at the mouth (when a Really Good Part overpowers our swallow reflex). Luckily, keeping away from the book-toting-crazy-eyes should be easy... as long as you know what to look for.

It’s not difficult to spot a book lover, we avid readers give ourselves away in so many ways:

You can find us at parties perusing the bookshelves instead of hanging with the crowd.​

Our go-to conversation starter is “So, what are you reading?”​

We bring books with us to the bank and supermarket (anywhere we might have to wait in line).​

We don't think of trees as beautiful things to photograph, draw, or even climb... they're merely another place to sit and read for a spell.​

We don't just walk, we biblioambulate.​

We NEVER have enough bookshelves.​

We wear T-shirts that say things like “Call me Ishmael”.​

Keep in mind that Book Lovers are VERY DANGEROUS CREATURES. Be warned! Should you spot a Book Lover, generally the safest thing to do is to put as much distance between them and yourself as possible.


For today, and for today only, because it is National Book Lovers Day, should you come across a Book Lover, you should go up to them, ask them what they're reading, ask if they can recommend any books for you to read, and watch their faces light up with joy. You will have made their day.

Happy Book Lovers Day!!
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